Thursday, March 27, 2008

Justice League of America #128 - March 1976

sgWonder Woman returns to the JLA! Great Hera, about time!

The Story: "Death-Visions of the Justice League!" by Martin Pasko, Dick Dillin, and Frank McLaughlin. Wonder Woman shows up to the JLA satellite for her first meeting back as a member(having been reinstated in Wonder Woman #222).

But...she finds the JLA packing up its stuff, since they have decided to disband the JLA! Great Hera, what's going on here?!

Turns out all the various members of the JLA had separate visions of their violent deaths at the hands of bad guys, which has robbed them of their courage to be heroes! Only Wonder Woman is unaffected.

Meanwhile, Green Lantern is on another planet, fighting a weird creature named Nekron, who feeds off the fear of others. Hmm...

Nekron knocks out Lantern, and heads for Earth. Wonder Woman manages to talk the JLA into helping her go after Nekron. But Nekron manages to defeat them, and gets away.

As the JLA is back at the satellite, figuring out its Nekron who is "getting in their heads", he appears on TV to announce that a giant ball of fire is headed towards Midway City, and only Hawkman can stop it!

Hawkman isn't about to risk his life, so he calls Shayera and tells her to get out of Dodge, metaphorically. Wonder Woman is shocked to hear him say "Too bad about Midway--I'm going to miss it." To be continued!

Roll Call: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Atom, Hawkman, Black Canary, Elongated Man

Notable Moments: Clearly, Wonder Woman belonged in the Justice League--going through all these issues one by one, it was surprising to see just how long she'd been gone--fifty-nine issues!

The cover by Ernie Chan isn't bad, though this is one goofy-looking Atom:
They pulled out the old JLA Hereby Elects...(or, in this case, Reinstates) scroll for Wonder Woman's return, but done a little differently this time:


Earth 2 Chris said...

That's a pretty strong cover really, but man, Chan's lack of background detail makes it look like the budget-cutting last seasons of Star Trek and Batman. "Let's just build a doorway and put it on an open set. It will 'suggest' a room just fine!"

Atom's a bit deformed here...ain't he?


Adama said...

That's an...interesting cover. I especially like the really awkward way that Hawkman is carryin gin Wonder Woman. It almost looks like he used her limp body to wack open the door.

russell said...

Man, I always hated that cover. Hawkman is the only character who looks even half-way decent. Not to crazy about the story, either...and the conclusion next issue? Yikes, it was terrible...!

Matt said...

I like the cover!

Tick-Tock Tyler said...

Wonder Woman's back!!!

>>Notable Moments: Clearly, Wonder Woman belonged in the Justice League--going through all these issues one by one, it was surprising to see just how long she'd been gone--fifty-nine issues!<<

Even worse was that it had been seven years! Waaaaay too long. De-powering Diana was one of the stupidest things DC ever did.

I thought Nekron was a cool villain. I really liked his fight with Green Lantern. Since Nekron fed on fear, GL's courage was painful to him. BTW, I think that fight took place on Earth. In the next issue, Flash found Hal's car nearby.

Dillin and McLaughlin did some terrific work in this issue and the next. Maybe they were inspired by getting to draw Diana on a regular basis.

Butch R said...

Maybe the JLA is thinking the way Hawkman is carrying WW that she might have a wardrobe malfunction.. :)

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