Sunday, April 13, 2008

Amazing World of DC Comics #14 - March 1977

Right around this point the JLA got their own issue of DC's odd but fun in-house fanzine, The Amazing World of DC Comics. The cover is a rarity, in that it features Dick Dillin's pencils reproduced directly.

Almost the entire issue is devoted to JLA history, starting with a brief rundown the book to this point, and followed by "The Men Behind the JLA" focusing on the men who have written the team's adventures:

Next is an issue-by-issue summary of every JLA issue, including reprint collections and the initial tryout in Brave and the Bold.

Next are the JLA's by-laws(!), where we see the official list of Honorary Members: Snapper Carr, Adam Strange, Batgirl, Martian Manhunter, Vigilante, Sargon, Phantom Stranger, Black Lantern(*cringe*),and Charley Parker.

We also have this section of the by-laws, which would become very significant later on:
(There was a very funny column by Bob Ingersoll about how, according to this by-law, Aquaman had absolutely no right to do what he did in disbanding the JLA all by himself in JLA Annual #2. While Bob is right of course, these by-laws were printed in 1977 and could've been changed between then and 1984, the Annual's publication date. Oh, and I love that all the JLA's stuff reverts back to the Wayne Foundation!)

Along with that, we have schematics of the JLA HQs:
...I like that one room, in the far left circular chamber, is called "Think Tank." Why do I think only Batman thinks he should be allowed in there?

Next are profiles of the individual members, guest-stars, and even some of the villains, followed by an interview with JLA editor Julius Schwartz.

The inside cover features a JLA cover gallery, and then the back cover features a real rarity, a rejected original cover for JLA #66 by Dick Dillin, a cover later re-done by Neal Adams:
...I can see why this got rejected. It's nicely drawn and all, but you rarely see superhero comics where its the villains that look like they're the ones outmatched.

I generally enjoy all the issue of AWODCC, because they're such a grab-bag of odd features. Nice to see the JLA get an issue all to itself!


Earth 2 Chris said...

I've seen the original pencils and inks to that rejected cover in Michael Eury's great "JLA Companion". Batman's head looks different here. This finished head looks like Carmine Infantino maybe brought it into line with his Batman style. Just a guess!

Thanks for sharing this Rob. I've long heard of this fabled issue!


russell said...

This "magazine" was awesome. I loved it. I re-read it so often that my issue's bind went weak. :-)

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