Sunday, May 11, 2008

Justice League of America #168 - July 1979

sgOne of my favorite covers (by Dick Dillin and Dick Giordano) leads off part three of the battle with the Secret Society of Super-Villains!

The Story: "The Last Great Switcheroo" by Gerry Conway, Dick Dillin, and Frank McLaughlin. Continued from last issue, we see that the newly arrives JLAers (Green Arrow, Black Canary, Flash, Hawkman, and Elongated Man) are looking at their fellow JLAers a little askance.

This gets kicked into overdrive when "Green Lantern" encases the "bad guys" into a diamond-shaped prison, which "Superman" then hurtles into the sun!

Superman manages to convince them that the diamond will remain in orbit around the solar system until the prisoners can be rehabilitated, but Green Arrow knows something is wrong.

Interlude: back from last issue, we the mytserious Mr. Sloane as he frees the prisoner inside the stasis cube--and it's Ultraa!

Back at the satellite, we see Red Tornado, now fully recuperated, ready to attack the Star Sapphire, who has just beamed aboard! But before he can, Sapphire mentions her mother--Sindella--which lets Tornado realize what's been going on!

Meanwhile, at a museum for Aztec treasures, the JLA is standing guard. The true JLAers wonder why they're here, and the faux-JLAers tell them they are expecting a super-villain attack. They split up into groups, but when Black Canary is paired off with Green Lantern, he can't help himself:
This is all Canary needed, and she screams out across the museum "They're imposters!"

The real JLAers easily defeat the faux ones, since they are still inexperienced at using their new powers. They take the SSOSV back to the satellite, where Zatanna presides over the soul re-switching, having rescued the trapped JLAers earlier.

Roll Call
: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Black Canary, Elongated Man, Red Tornado, Zatanna

Notable Moments: I love that the main reason this plan falls apart is because Prof. Zoom is such a horndog. That's priceless.


russell said...

....Except, Rob, Prof Zoom never WAS a horndog. He was a stalker of Iris West Allen, not of women in general. I hated that the plot fell apart because Gerry Conway didn't know the basic characteristics of the characters. Blech.
By the way, this is now seven issues in a row with no Atom or Aquaman (sigh)and Hawkgirl is nowhere to be seen, either.

rob! said...

maybe Black Canary stirred his interest...?

Tick-Tock Tyler said...

>>By the way, this is now seven issues in a row with no Atom or Aquaman (sigh)and Hawkgirl is nowhere to be seen, either.<<
Are they members of the Zatanna League of America?

Anonymous said...

My take on 'Prof Zoom in GL's body' hitting on Canary: Zoom probably knew that GL had spent a lot of time on cases with Dinah and Ollie(since he was obsessed with the Flash, it makes sense he'd know at least afew things about other JLAers). But he wrongly assumed that Hal Jordan was something of a 'ladies' man', and that hitting on a female colleague is the sort of thing GL would ahve done. This is whay villains' master plans fail, after all!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I can't type!

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