Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Justice League of America #214 - May 1983

sgPart 2 of the search for the Atom in the Microcosmos!

The Story: "The Siren Sisterhood" by Gerry Conway, Don Heck, and Romeo Tanghal. The JLA gets a peak at the source of the evil tyrant Golitha's power--their friend, The Atom!

Seeing their friend, Black Canary's memory gets sparked, and she begins to recall her old friends, an the names of those she's with.

But the celebration doesn't last long, as the Wanderer warns them that they have been found by another gang of armed guards, doing the bidding of Golitha!

The JLAers spring into action, and the guards aren't any more effective than they were the first time. In particular, Batman is his usual effective self
Unfortunately, an even bigger, and more heavily armed, contingent of guards sneaks up on them, and next time we see the JLA they are imprisoned--along with the Wanderer--in old-fashioned stocks.

Here we meet the evil, Cruella DeVille-ish Princess Kass 'Andre, who seems to earn a special enmity from the Wanderer. She blasts Black Canary with some sort of mystical jewel when Dinah objects to Kass' flirting with Green Arrow.

Outside, a group of robed women fight their way through the guards, women who have their own set of amazing powers. As they get in, the Wanderer reveals herself to be Krystal Kaa, heir to the throne of their land.

Kaa and the other women free the JLA, and take them back to their lair, where they meet the leader, Mother Moon, who also has amazing healing powers (she heals Black Canary, who was gravely wounded in the fight to escape).

Mother Moon says they are a haven for people who don't fit in the world of violence and pain of Golitha, but Batman, being Batman, feels a little suspicious.

Back at the citadel, Golitha, who now knows he didn't kill all of the heirs to the throne, sends out his ultimate tool of destuction--a completely mad Atom! To be continued!

Roll Call: Batman, Green Arrow, Atom, Hawkman, Black Canary, Red Tornado

Notable Moments: I like that Batman is still Batman, wherever he is. If he hears a story that sounds too good, he doesn't totally buy in.


russell said...

The cover was the best part of this issue, hands down. Blech.

Earth 2 Chris said...

I think right about now was when I really got dis-satisfied with Heck's work on JLA. I can appreciate it now, but back then all I saw was figure after figure shown at a 3/4 angle with big teeth and somewhat slanted eyes.

The cover is awesome Perez, but man that chick looks a lot like Raven, doesn't she?


BentonGre said...

Yeah, she does look like Raven, and as a matter of fact, I thought that is who it was at first. This sounds like a REALLY cool story Rob. I always thought the micro-worlds were a really neat aspect of The Atom, and one which didn't receive nearly enough exploration, or at least not enough GOOD exploration.

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