Monday, February 18, 2008

Justice League of America #93 - Nov. 1971

sgThe return of the (sort of) 80 Page Giant!

The Stories: "Riddle of the Robot Justice League" (JLA #13) and "Journey Into The Micro-World" (JLA #18) by Gardner Fox, Mike Sekowsky, and Bernard Sachs, with an all-new cover by Dick Giordano.

Roll Call
: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Atom

Notable Moments: The last time DC would issue an all-reprint issue of JLA, released the same month as a regular one. The cover format this time is a little ungainly, and what's with that ancient Wonder Woman head-shot?

The letter page features a missive from a young man named Bob Rozakis.


Damian said...

I remember thinking when I saw the cover for #18, this should be pretty cool.
But I also remember thinking that Supes and GL can still fly. Why don't they just fly up a little higher and wave in the Atom's face instead of hopelessly mobbing around his feet?

I've got to ruin everything obviously.

russell said...

"Which hero will save the JLA in each of these stories?" I love it that in RIDDLE, it was Aquaman!!!!

Glenn Walker said...

Two vivid memories of this issue...

One I was aggravated that Aquaman didn't have a robot double in the first story but was pleased he kinda saved the day.

And two - I cut this cover all up and pasted it on my bedroom wall. It looked great and man, did I get a spanking.

And Rob - dude, don't bust on the Golden Age Wonder Woman face - HG Peter is sacred, man. :-)

Speaking of WW, this was the beginning of her being featured prominently on JLoA covers even when she only made a cameo, was the Earth-2 version or was in reprint. The powers that be must have really missed her.

Earth-2 Rev. Nørb said...

Everybody knows that Atom's head should have been above Wonder Woman's and Aquaman's, AND that they should have used the old GL and Aquaman heads to match the Superman, Batman, Flash and Atom heads and they should have had Neal Adams draw a new WW head just on general principle.

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