Tuesday, August 26, 2008

JLA Who's Who Entries - 1986/1987

The Classic JLA got two listings over the first two volumes of Who's Who, a series I never missed.

The first appeared in the Feb. 1986 issue, drawn by then-penciler Luke McDonnell:
...a nice shot.

The Classic JLA got one last bite at that Who's Who apple, in Oct. 1987, drawn by then-Justice League penciler Kevin Maguire:
...I love how he got everybody's personality in this crowded shot. Arrow and Canary's PDA, Vibe's attitude, Superman's pride, the Hawks' quiet dignity.

And even though by this time the original JLA--team and book--were gone, they all got lumped together in this "class photo." The next JLA listing in WW would concentrate solely on the JL team, and its then-current membership, which was a totally different animal.


Scurvy said...

This is a perfect example of why Kevin Maguire is one of my favorite artists. He not only does fantastic facial expressions, but he can really nail the body language to. Check out the difference between Guy and Gypsy.

I always loved the Mcdonell group shot too. So classic with the flag backdrop. Even Phantom Stranger is there...sort of.

Earth 2 Chris said...

Both entries were really well done. The Maguire one only marred by the continuity-inflicted exemption of Wonder Woman.


Adama said...

Those are great shots! My only complaint is that while they included the Phantom Stranger as a member, but they left off Adam Strange!

Earth 2 Chris said...

Technically, if they were going to include Adam, they had to include Sargon and Metamorpho, right?


Vincent Paul Bartilucci said...

Maguire is wonderful, no doubt about it. I especially like his Captain Marvel. But doesn't the great work on folks like Guy and Ralph draw attention to the rather vacant smiles and stiff posing on some of the other characters?

Just me? Okay, I'll shut up ... :-)

Earth 2 Chris said...

I see what you're getting at Vincent. In later years, Maguire recreated this pose over and over, and the more he did it, the more "mugging" took place. Now pretty much everyone has a different, exagerated expression. On the first issue of that "Formerly known as the Justice League" mini, Captain Atom looks like he's about to blow a bubble or something, with his cheeks all puffed out!


Anonymous said...

Maguire did a great job on what was, even then, a much-duplicated shot! This is a JLA that 'could have been'...if only JLA #250 had turned out totally differently!
I really like his versions of Gypsy, Vibe, Ollie and Dinah! Everyone from 'both' teams looks like they belong...I want to live on whichever Earth published this version of the JLA!;-)

Rick said...

I don't remember the Creeper being part of the JLA. What ever became of the heroic Dr. Light? She wasn't used very much.

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