Monday, November 12, 2007

Justice League of America #10 Ad - Jan. 1962

sgThis snappy ad(by Ira Schnapp, of course) ran in JLA #9, announcing the big news that the book was going from six issues a year to eight, a big promotion back in those days.

When I find one, I plan to run these ads as separate posts because A)they're super-cool looking, B)they are part of JLA history, and C)it helps break up the issue-a-day thing occasionally.

I love that a comic company could give the readers a hard, on-sale date for when a particular comic was coming out. Don't see much of that nowadays...


wich2 said...


As you progress though these old DC house ads, keep looking for the first use of the formulation -

"The World's Greatest Super Heroes."

I recall a dabate a few years back, where folks maintained that Mego Corp. invented it in the 70's, for its action figure line; but it's actually used by DC in this venue, in the early '60's.

-Craig W.

rob! said...

oh, cool, i'll have to keep an eye out.

y'know, if i was ever going to do another blog(i know, i know...)it would be one consisting ENTIRELY of DC house ads, theyre so beautiful. as a professional, i have such admiration for putting things of such beauty on what i can only imagine were super-tight deadlines and less than ideal conditions.

maybe someday. :)

Earth 2 Chris said...

Doing a quick glance at GCD, the first time "World's Greatest Super Heroes" appears in banner-like form on a JLA cover is issue #48, an 80 pg. Giant. The first time it appears in a regular fashion (above the JLA shield) is issue #77, where Snapper betrays the League.

If the term originated in ads, that would be another feather in the cap of those beautiful DC house ads.

The original JLA ad for BB #28 is one of the most famous and imitated comic ads of all time, for sure.


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